Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time only, listing a property is completely free! To post a listing now, press the “List Your Property” button in the top right, then following the instructions. It will take your about 10 minutes. To publish a listing online requires property pictures and property address. Once you have published a listing, you may click the “review” button to see how is being shown to a guest.


The property owner can go to Account > My Listing, then click the mange button. In the photos tab you may add up to 20 pictures, the size of pictures must be at least pixels 400 wide and 300 pixels high, pleaase note that the file size cannot be over 2 MB. You may upload multiple pictures at once with Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Note that Internet Explorer browsers only allow you to upload one picture at once. If you have a problem uploading pictures with Internet Explorer you may try again with other browsers. If your pictures are too small or too big, you can change the pictures size using the free Windows utility Paint on a PC, or using iphoto on Mac. Of course you can also use Photoshop if you have it and know how to use it. You may also re-size pictures for free online at: Once you re-sized the pictures, you must save them to your local computer at first, and then upload them to SkiHouseRentals. After you upload all pictures, please remember to choose your main picture. 

Property owners must upload a video to YouTube at first, play this video on YouTube, and then to get a link (URL) of this video.  Now, you may go to your SkiHouseRentals Account > My Listing, click mange button. In video tab, you may add a video. You can simply copy video’s URL (link) and paste in the box. To learn more about upload a video in YouTube, you may watch instructional video at:

Property owners can manage and edit listings by going to >Your Listings, then click the “Manage” Listing button.

Property owners can view listing(s) by going to Your Listings, then click “View” Listing button.

The guest must contact SkiHouseRentals to cancel a reservation, SkiHouseRentals will refund guest according to cancelation and refund policy which the property owner previously selected.

Guests must contact a property owner via SkiHouseRentals. An inquiry can be sent to the owner via email. Inquiry email contains potential guest’s contact information. If the guest makes a reservation online, the owner will get email with guest’s contact information. The guest will also get an email with owner’s contact information.

Property owners can select a payment method by going to My Account > My Profile > Edit payment details. Available options are: PayPal and bank wire transfer. To learn more about payment schedule, click this link.

Property owners can go to My Account > My Listing. Below your property photo, find “Publish Status”, click “visible” Link, click OK to make the listing invisible, then your listing is no longer active, no one can see your property online anymore. In the future, if you decide to make it active, you may log in and click invisible link to make it visible online again.

Guest/travelers can search accommodation based on ski resorts. They may enter a zip code, city name and ski resort name in search box on the top of home page and may also click the map to locate a ski resort, click a ski resort’s name and a list of accommodations nearby will be displayed. They may sort the list by distance, price, and rating. You may also choose to display the list of ski homes by photo or map. Each listed property will display a description, amenities, pictures, video, and reviews. For qualified properties, guests may make a reservation online with a credit card.

If a guest would like to reserve a ski house, the guest MUST view the calendar tab first to confirm availability, and then select check in/out dates, and click “Book it now” button. The reservation details will be displayed on the next page. After you verify the reservation detail and agreed the terms, you may click “ Make a payment now” button in the bottom of this page, and then you will be directed to PayPal payment gateway. PayPal log in is NOT required, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you may click a link called “Pay with a debit and credit card”.  Once a reservation is completed with a payment, you will get a confirmation email instantly, if you don’t see a confirmation email, check the SPAM folder in your email box. Once the reservation is made, property owner will review and accept/reject the reservation within 24 hours. If the reservation is accepted, you may contact property owner at your convenience. If the reservation is rejected, the reservation will be canceled, and guests will get full refund within 24 hours. 

If no damages are reported from property owner, SkiHouseRentals will refund the guest’s security deposit within 3-business day after guest’s check-out date. If property owner has filed a claim for damages, SkiHouseRentals will evaluate the damages,  charging the guest the appropriate amount and transfer that amount to owner. The remaining balance (security deposit) will be released to guests within 10 business days after guest check-out date.

Guests must contact SkiHouseRentals to cancel a reservation, SkiHouseRentals will refund guest according to the cancelation and refund policy which property owner previously selected. Refund process time is 10-business days. To learn more about the cancelation policy, click this link.































































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