NO Online booking. Do NOT make any rental payment or make any reservation directly on this website. are NOT responsible for the payment you made to property owners.

Tao cabins check-in information


SkiHouseRentals is an online marketplace where skiers and snowboarders can search for ski houses and discounted lift tickets. Some Ski Houses are bookable online. Once you made a booking request, you will get an email notification instantly. This email is NOT confirmation from property owner. But it has owner's contact information. Ski houses are owned by individual property owners, a booking made on this website is only a form of booking request, it is not a guarantee of reservation. It MUST be confirmed and accepted by ski house/property owner.

Property owner will get a booking notification and confirm this reservation within 24 hours. For questions or check-in instruction, you may contact property owner directly 24 hours after this booking is made. For the consumer protection, in the case that property owner is not able to confirm the booking within 24 hours in written. will refund 100% back to customer and cancel the booking request accordingly.

SkiHouseRentals offer advanced features for property owners. An owner may configurate: amenities, rental terms, house rules, cancelation policy, cleaning fee, tax, and security deposit. Owners can upload property pictures and video, set the price differently each day, and block specific dates for friends and family members. After a list is approved and published online, the ski property owner will receive inquiries via email. Online booking features are optional, if the owner elected online booking, when a guest makes a reservation online the owner will get multiple notification emails. SkiHouseRentals will transfer the rental payment to the owner’s bank account electronically.

For a Ski-House Property Owner, listing a property is completely free!